Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blogs of Interest from the Huffington Post

Lately I've been finding a number of posts by various bloggers that interest me in the Huffington Post on line.

I think of myself as a pretty ordinary married bisexual man, and I think most bisexual men have an interest in a variety of topics. So I figure if I find a post interesting some of the rest of you are likely to be interested in it also.

Having the luxury of being retired gives me more time to look through the internet for posts that are of interest to me. Many of you do not have that luxury yet, so I thought I'd start listing posts that interest me here on my blog. It will give you the opportunity to read some interesting posts by just clicking on the URL I've provided.

If you look at the right hand column of the blog page just below the "Rate My Blog" animation, you'll find a list of blog posts listed by subject title which have recently been featured on the Huffington Post that I found interesting. Just click on the subject title and the blog will open for you.

I hope you enjoy reading some of these posts, and I'd like to hear from you if you do.

Jack Scott

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Jack Scott