Monday, June 3, 2013

Stopping To Smell The Roses

My posts have been sparse of late, I know. Actually, I would have liked to have posted more frequently than I have, but it became a matter of priorities.
White Caladiums and Pink Impatients

You see, we have had one of the most beautiful Springs in recorded history (literally) here in the Houston area. The temperatures have been lower than any since they began keeping records. Also the humidity levels have often been low as well making the days just awesomely beautiful.

Combined with that I have been feeling so good. I have had more energy than I have had in at least a couple of years, and along with the energy, the will to get out and enjoy the beautiful Spring days and do what I use to love doing most, working in my yard.

Pink Throated White Azaleas
The last couple of years, I just hadn't felt like doing much, so there was much to do in the yard. It's still not all done, but the yard is already beautiful. I've reworked the flower and shrub beds. I'm trimmed the trees and pruned the hedges.

In addition to the usual plants, I found some new ones that are beautiful and unusual. I always enjoy that. One that I found this year is a Brazilian Plum Plant. It is so unusual and beautiful. It has dark green glossy leaves and a pink plumed flower.

Since the Spring has been so delightful and I've felt so good, I've spent many whole days out in the
Pink Hydrangeas
yard working. Sometimes, like this morning, I've even stopped just to enjoy the beauty. This morning when I got up and pulled back the drapes in our bedroom, much to my surprise it was raining. I got dressed for church and still had a little time, so I just went out on the covered patio and watched the rain and the wonderful aroma it brings.

So, I guess the honest assessment is, I could have posted more over the last few weeks, but it just wasn't my first priority. I've been taking time to stop and smell the roses - literally! However, that is not all there is to it either. I have been turning over and over in my mind thoughts on my next post. It is a particularly difficult one to write, so it has been good to have the time to think about it.

Pale Blue Agapanthus
As Americans, we are always way too stressed out. I hope you too will take time this Summer to take it easy and do something for yourself. We are not guaranteed tomorrow you know, so do it soon.

All the pictures of flowers are from my back yard. Those of you who know something about growing flowers will recognize many of these are shade tolerant or shade loving plants.

That is because most of my yard is under some magnificent trees.  The few sun loving plants are tucked into the few small sunny spaces I have where they at least get the morning sun. I'd like to show you the yard itself, but for obvious reasons, that is not possible. I hope you enjoy the pictures. 

I really hope they inspire you to find your own way to relax and enjoy the present.

Jack Scott

Yellow Hibiscus

Marilyn Monroe Rose


  1. Jack,
    No need to apologize, we all should take a break once in a while. In the Northeast, this Spring has also been cooler than usual and the flowering trees and shrubs are spectacular and extremely long lasting. Tulips and Daffodils started blooming around Easter and only just ended at Pentecost. That's a seven week season!!! Astonishing.
    On a personal level, I am so happy to hear that you are feeling much better and able to enjoy this wonderful gift. I think of you often and you're always in my prayers.
    On a personal note, my wife and I are entering a new stage in our marriage. Our daughter has been away at University for two years now and is sharing a house with friends in her new town. The nest is empty and her room will become a guest room soon (at her urging).
    I've made friends with a couple of guys our age, and am trying to figure out how to handle developing friendships with three guys half our age. If you have any thoughts, I'd be grateful to hear them.


    1. Thanks for your comments Gerry, and thanks especially for your prayers. I need them and will need them.

      Seems like I've always been involved with guys younger than me. My longest running buddy was 12 years younger. The youngest one is 31 to my 65. I find that that friendships are easy if you have similar interests. Had anyone told me I'd have a good friend less than half my age, I'd have told them they were crazy.

      We're friends I think because I was just like him at his age. He thinks I read his mind. I don't. I just remember what I felt and thought at his age. He values me for my experience and insight. I value him for the opportunity to help him build the same kind of great life I've enjoyed.


  2. So glad that you are feeling better and enjoying your garden. Your flower pictures are just as beautiful and delightful as those of the men you also post. I think you do have your priorities straight because joy in our lives is so wonderful. While I enjoy your posts, I can wait when you have something better to do.


    1. Well thanks David. That is a great way to put it. I thank you for it.


  3. I think there is something in the air today, I am loving all these positive posts. Gerry, is right. Don't worry about not blogging as much, it's quality not quantity, as this post demonstrates.

    1. Well I would rather go with quality anytime over just pure quantity myself. I'm glad you feel the adjective "quality" can be applied to some of my work.




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