Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sign of the Times

It has always been the height of ignorance to me to hear the Christian Right claim that gay marriage damages traditional marriage between a man and a woman. This sign photographed at an Episcopal Chruch says it all.

Those who think that all Christians share the beliefs of the Christian Right should pay particular attention to the photograph. The Episcopal Church is just one of  many Christian denominations that put their emphasis on the love of God and don't get caught up in trying to play God by deciding for themselves who the sinners are.

Jack Scott


  1. Jack...

    I am so proud of my fellow Episcopalians when I see signs like this in front of St. Mary Magdalene and our Churches.

    To find the lost, to heal the broken.
    The feed the hungry, to rebuild the nations,
    To bring peace among peoples,
    To make music in the heart.

    Are the final lines of the Christmas Blessing at Trinity Memorial, my home church and they also contain the message of our Missions of hospitality to our LGBTQ brothers and sisters; folks living with HIV AIDS; feeding families; medical missions to El Salvador; and making music that soothes the pain and heals the soul.

    1. And proud you should be Jerry. The Episcopal church is living out the true meaning of Christianity while Baptists and other fundamental groups are betraying the Spirit of Christ.

      Jack Scott

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