Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Day I've Been Dreading

I've known for sometime now this day was on its way. Now, it has arrived, even quick than I imagined it would. The day has come to say goodbye to the picture blog. Since we got home at the end of August, my life has been a zoo. I 've had to rely on my wife for more and more of my daily needs. I don't like that, but it is true.

Add to that , because of my surgery in November, I have lost my ability to type. I had hoped I would recover that, but I haven't.  If I didn't hadn't watched every word as I typed it, you would have been unable to make any since of what I just typed

When I am speaking, it is even worse. I have to have words that will fill in for the words I can't remember. I've never had trouble using words. If it doesn't clear up Bisexual Buddies Yahoo  and Bisexual Buddies blog spot will have to go too.

It has been an absolute privilege serving you over the past few years. Thank you for all your kindnesses. I hope you'll continue reading and participating in the other too groups. There is no schedule for them, and it makes it easier for me.

I am happy to report that today is the first good day I've had in well over a month. Unless you ever had metastatic cancer you can imagine what it does to you brain.

I still owe you the second  part of "What I've Learned Along the way. I'm just taking a little more time to let the cobwebs clear out.

I must say an enormous thank you to George Starzz for all the year he has helped my giving thousands of pictures to draw from. I couldn't have done it without you George.

Jack Scott


  1. Wow, Jack, terrible to hear. My prayers are with you. Thank you for all the thought you have put into your postings and for your heroic efforts latterly.

  2. My prayers are with you Jack. I have enjoyed your writing and your journy.

  3. Jack, we shall all miss you. You've performed a great service to the Bi community here - and with the picture blog as well.

    Until we meet on the other side --- I send light and love to you.

  4. I'm home recuperating from my 2nd back surgery. While in hospital I couldn't urinate. I assumed it was from nerve damage in the lower back. The hospital call a urologist. Prostate was swollen and he found a spot. I'm scheduled for a biopsy. He thinks, it it's cancer, it's early stage. I've already been through colon cancer. What's happened to me pales compared to your ordeal. Your attitude is an inspiration. Thank you. All my best goes out to you.

  5. Jack,
    A long time follower here... and thank you a million times over for what you do and for your heart.
    We will meet one day and I will be proud to know you.

  6. You're the greatest. I wish I could take the disease away. But maybe it will be of some comfort to let you know that, from my own near-death experience, the transition (if it comes to that) is not to be feared. It's not merely an escape from pain; when I died I was instantly freed from pain AND while I was dead I felt great, in a space of light and peace. CPR brought me back and then the pain returned.

  7. Jack - Wanted to stop by to wish you a good Valentine's Day. You are in my mind, my heart...

  8. Jack,
    We haven't always agreed but I've always respected the way you tried to go about helping people. Who know which is the right way? But you tried to do it as right as you could.

    It's a scary time. I'm glad you're surrounded by loving family and friends. At the end of that long day, that's more important than all the rest.


  9. Jack,
    I hope you are doing reasonably well. Please keep in mind that death itself is not a problem.
    I don't know if you have read what any of the NDE (Near Death Experience) researchers have written in the past 40 years. It puts a whole new face on why we don't really need religion: consciousness survives the passage, and the caustic theories espoused by fundamentalists are just so much B.S. As Eben Alexander puts it: "You have nothing to fear. You can do no wrong."
    If you are still able to scan the written word, reading contributions to the NDE literature by people like Raymond Moody, Jeffrey Long, and Eben Alexander should be comforting.
    Best wishes to you in your transition. Luck is not needed!

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