Monday, August 29, 2011

Frot & Frottage

The quintessential straight person who has never considered any type of sex as normal other than missionary position sex between a man and his wife often makes a big mistake by thinking that what they think of as abnormal sexual behavior can be labeled and separated into neat categories such as homosexuality and bisexuality.

Of course there is a bright side to being labeled homosexual or bisexual. Labels can be even more biting. Some less charitable straight people just label everyone else as perverts and let it go at that.

Having always from my earliest memories been an actively sexual person, I've paid a lot of attention to sex over the course of my life. I've studied it, read about it, observed it and participated in it on many different levels. I've found sexual behavior is almost as varied and multifarious as humanity itself.

I had the greatest of childhoods. It was filled with sexual camaraderie. Almost all the boys I grew up with were eager and willing participants in daily group sexual activities. It was so pervasive a part of life, I thought it to be the type of life every boy lived. I was surprised when, as an adult, I eventually developed sexual relationships with other adult men who told me they were, for the most part, unaware anything sexual in nature until they were 12 years old or even older. It was something I could not imagine.

Yet even in the charged sexual environment in which I came of age, there were differences among us. Looking back, the differences are more obvious to me now than they were at the time. The reality is, I didn't spend much time thinking about it all as a boy. I just enjoyed it.

I was an eager and willing participant. In fact, after my initiation into the group, in all honesty, I have to admit, I became an instigator. I simply couldn't get enough. I was always ready for more. Other boys were willing to play, but they would have been willing not to play too. It was a social thing for them. They did it because that is what the group did. I did it because I absolutely was in to it.

Within the group, most activity centered around simple masturbation. Generally, this was mutual masturbation where buddies would jerk each others cock either to orgasm or orgasm and emission. When I first became a part of the group at around age 6, emission was, of course, not possible for me; but orgasm was. It was those orgasms which compelled me. I've never used illegal drugs; but I suppose, I came to seek out the highs of orgasm just as a junky comes to seek his drug high.

Fellatio was not a group activity. It was always an activity which was engaged in privately and one on one. The same was true for anal sex. Anal sex was hardly ever even spoken of in the group except derisively; and it was always engaged in privately one on one. I was more than eager for oral activity. I loved sucking cock and having mine sucked;  and all through my school years, I had one or more suck buddies. However, anal sex did not interest me. It seemed like a dirty thing to do to me, and it wasn't like I wasn't having enough fun sexually without it. However, that said, one of my friends eventually talked me into topping him. I was big enough that he quickly decided the idea of being fucked was better than the reality of being fucked, and that was the only time I ever experienced anal activity as a kid. Later, in my first adult relationship, my buddy loved to be fucked and he got off on my big cock and liked it as rough and hard as I could make it. I found being a top was a very enjoyable experience with him; though with subsequent buddies, such activity again reverted back to not being a normal thing.

In my profession, travel was the norm. My travel was a little different from normal business travel in that there was a team of guys traveling together. We were all about the same age and had things in common other than our career. The constant traveling together brings guys close and we got to know each other very well. The relationship never took a sexual turn, but there was very little we didn't talk about. I, and I suspect one other guy, was a closeted bisexual guy. One was gay. All of us were or had been married. A few of us had had an extramarital affair with another woman. A couple of the guys made extramarital affairs and one night stands into an art form. For them it was a way of life. Most of the guys, however, were faithful to their wives and would never have thought of infidelity.

The point to all of this is that from my own experience and observation, human sexuality is dynamic. It almost defies the label of normality because human beings simply engage in an astounding variety of sexual activities.

My general philosophy has evolved to the point that I believe anything which does not harm oneself or another is within the realm of normal.

As a bisexual man, I have enjoyed a range of sexual behavior with my wife and with my buddies through the years. I've come to see that the range of activities vary for me depending on my partner. Different partners are good at different things and some can bring such talent and physical characteristics to the partnership that different things take on a whole new sense of enjoyment.

 A few years ago I was introduced to a philosophy I had not previously known of. It is actually an ancient philosophy that began to be revived in the last decade of the 20th century. It is called Frottage (rhymes with massage) or Frot (rhymes with hot). Frot is the contemporary philosophy of a man named Bill Weintraub.  Weintraub coined the word "Frot" to describe penis to penis non penetrative play between two adult men. This type of play is based on Frottage which was a part of many ancient warrior societies in which male bonding and male mentorship were encouraged. The word "Frottage" comes from the French word meaning "to rub." In French Frottage can have non sexual connotations, but in English the primary connotation is a sexual one.

Bill Weintraub and Luke Shelton have formed what they refer to as the Man2Man Alliance. The Man2Man Alliance considers Frot to be a manifestation of basic male biology. All males, they believe, are not only physically capable of giving and receiving sexual pleasure to each other through body to body and penis to penis contact; but also as males, they are hard wired to enjoy it.

At least in the Man2Man Alliance's form of Frottage, promiscuity is discouraged. While men are encouraged to be a part of a three person sexual group consisting of a man, his wife and his buddy.  I hasten to add that he wife participates sexually one with her husband in Frottage. The husband participates with both his wife and his buddy.

The alliance does not feel that bonded friendships between two men have to lead to sexual activity. They just recognize that quite often they do; and when the do, these sexual activities are not seen as aberrant in any way. In fact within the context of Frottage as male to male, penis to penis non penetrative sexual enjoyment, even the Biblical prohibition of a man not lying with another man as he lies with a woman is seen as not applicable to the situation. Frot men are not lying with a man as he does with a woman. There is no penetration with a woman, and women are incapable of penis to penis sexual enjoyment. Further, the Bible makes it crystal clear that Kind David loved Jonathan. In Frot philosophy, David and Jonathan were early examples of the biological norm for Frot practicing men.

Weintraub, a self identified gay man has never personally been into anal sex. In fact, he believes mutual jacking off, Frottage, oral sex anal sex between gay men were relatively equal pursuits among gay men until the last quarter of the 20th century when the gay culture was highjacked by radical right wing gays whose agenda it was to make anal sex synonymous with being gay. In his view, this right wing conspiracy has been a big success. Mutual jacking off, Frottage and oral sex have become simply types of foreplay that are subordinate to and lead up to the now essential act of anal intercourse.

There is actually much that appeals to me in the Frot and Frottage philosophies. Like them, I believe male/male sexual relationships are an essentially male acknowledgement of all things masculine. I believe such male to male sexual bonding is part of the biological definition of what it means to be a male; and I believe, the ability to build civilization itself was wrapped within the ability of men not only to fight each other as warriors, but to bond together as brother warriors and enjoy male/male sexuality.

Weintraub and his followers loose me philosophically simply because they are a little too militant for my taste. I'm not good at seeing conspiracies and I have trouble thinking that a right wing conspiracy of radical gay men would be able to completely change gay behavior and redefine the essence of homosexuality. I think instead the homosexual stereotype of guy fucking guy has become the face of homosexuality in the modern era due to mass communication and increased openness about all things gay.

My own view of anal sex is that no one who doesn't appreciate it will be forced to appreciate anal sex by the dictates of gay culture. I personally know of many gay men whose lives do not involve anal sex and they feel no pressure whatsoever to make it a part of their sexual play.

I think one has to be careful not to become so consumed by his own personal philosophy and by his own personal situation and circumstance that he tries to force it upon everyone else. I especially have a problem if one takes a militant course of action to force his reasonings on someone else. I plead guilty immediately to having strong personal opinions, but I am quick to recognize my personal opinions can be nothing more than considerations for others in dealing with their own sexuality.

In the straight side of my life, I watched (figuratively) as a couple of my professional colleagues fucked every woman they could get to. What I observed was that all the conquests didn't really make them happy. There was no bond, there was no love. There was only, in the end, the search for something they couldn't find. They were, as the country and western song, popular at the time said, "Looking for Love in All The Wrong Places." They never found it.

I know a number of promiscuous bisexual and homosexual guys. They cruise from guy to guy in a constant churning of bodies. They never find what they are looking for. They never stop the search because they don't realize what they are wanting, what they are needing, is to satisfy the biological need to bond with one other guy in a significant way.

One of the new trends in foods these days is fusion. As I understand it, fusion cooking takes a little from one culture and combines it with something radically different from another culture to come up with new and exciting things for our culinary enjoyment. I have come to believe the wise person does the same thing with life. He pulls what he likes from many different influences in his life and melds them into a mixture all his own and finds a buddy to share it all with.

I think the ideas behind Frot and Frottage are well worth getting acquainted with as homosexual and bisexual men. While I don't agree with Weintraub's militancy in trying to promote Frot as the only true expression of male/male sexuality, it could be that, in fact, he is right. Frot and Frottage are concepts that predate the concepts of homosexuality and bisexuality by thousands of years and the terms could cover all that is a part of the biological celebration of masculinity, of male/male sex and bonding.

Jack Scott


  1. Live and learn. I didn't really know about this, although it does sound familiar.

    I tend to agree with you when it comes to philosophies, and try not to put all my eggs in one basket. Nor do I insist that my eggs are the real deal.

    But what I do wonder, is why can't people recognize sex as an incredibly complicated body function, which is tempered by emotion, and that it varies from person to person? Why do people insist that there's a right and wrong way to go about it?

    It's hard to believe that there's still a stigma to recreational sex. People ask, "Where is the love? How could you cheat on your wife that way? What about your wedding vows? Don't you realize that homosexuality is wrong? It's a sin..." The accusations go on and on.

    What no one seems to think about, are the simple pleasures of sex that can be accommodated with negotiation, are totally harmless, AND---are not new! But because of social standards, legal issues, religious beliefs, and guilt, things will continue on as usual.

    1. Amen. You said it and I definitely agree. I detest being defined by my sexuality. Folks are so up tight about sex that they take it upon themselves to castigate others. I suspect it help their ego deal with their own guilt. I see a slight change in the acceptance of homosexuality but judging still has a stronghold and it will always be reinforced by religious factions.

  2. ...My other thought is that there is a difference between a slut and whore. A slut makes everyone know about her conquests. A whore is usually a bit more discreet.

    How one goes about their personal life is often handled the same way, don't you think?

  3. Jeez, where is everyone??? I guess no one has anything to say to this, so I'll add some more.

    To explain what I said in the second comment is that some people can have an amazing and varied sex life outside of their marriage, and no one knows about it. It's the virtue of being discreet.

    Yet we've all met other people who just have to make it public. They have to make things obvious that they are super studs [at least in their own minds] and they might even be brazen about their activities with their spouse or close family and friends. [I worked with a guy like this…]

    I don't know how many people would buy in to the Frot & Frottage philosophy as being a simple male bonding process. It's much easier to call it gay.

    But if it's followers are simply sex hogs with no emotional ties to their colleagues, what does that matter? It's recreational sex, agreed upon and mutual. If they never told anyone about their activities, being totally discreet, they could be your friends, neighbors or relatives for all you know. Just the same as a high end escort needs to be.

    To diminish and label people, to think of them as "low class low life's" is a bit naive in today's world. Yet it's what society does. We call people adulterers, cheaters, and the like. They pay a very dear price.

    I think it's all a matter of how they handle it, but more importantly, how well they can keep it hidden. That is what bisexual men are up against, at least at the present time. Rather than put up with it all, some of them crack and confess. Too many times, they're sorry afterwards. The others find it all too dangerous or humiliating to come clean, so they remain quiet and in the closet with it all.

    Sorry to say, I think only 1 percent can come out and be accepted and happy. I wish this male bonding thing would catch on, but we all know it won't. At least not in our life time. I wonder what the aliens from planet Xontro think about all this?

  4. Hi Jack,

    Glad to have discovered your blog. The article on frottage is both well written and thoughtful.

    Bob, I agree with your idea that recreational sex should be considered just that, and 'mostly harmless'. However, I personally have a problem with sneaking around - something is very wrong in a relationship when that happens. I have friends who keep their bi side secret from their wives - or at least they think they do. It's bad for all concerned.

  5. re Dogeral: Yup. I agree. Sneaking around is just wrong, and I think it's THE BIG sign of something wrong when it starts.

    All I'm suggesting is that if sneaking around is the way it has to be, then so be it. If it's agreed upon right at the very beginning of a relationship, and if the parties are able to live with it, then the relationship has a chance of lasting. But as I said before, "Who is willing to share?" No one! No one wants to share! Especially when there's the realm of homosexuality/bisexuality involved.

    I don't think what I'm proposing is the answer because it's all too complicated when it comes to marriage.

    However, I do know of a gay couple who have been together now for over 40 years. They are both in their 70s now and are quite happy together. Their relationship is "open" in that they agreed upon themselves that if from time to time, that they meet someone along the way and jump into recreational sex, it's OK. When it's time to come home, it's time to come home--there's no questions, blame or guilt. They might talk about it amongst themselves, or they may not. But ultimately, they are bonded together as best friends, long time companions, and yes--soul mates. They have never once thought of leaving each other, and together they have built a successful, happy life together. They both came from nothing and became self made business people. They have a beautiful home, tons of friends and entertain constantly. Travel, excitement-- along with hard work devoted to their careers, which now at their age, is slowing down. The bottom line is that they are happy.

    I suppose there are conventional straight couples who can boast of all the same things without ever having strayed outside the marriage for sex. That's fine, and kudos to these people. I wish that was my situation; it wasn't. My being faithful to my marriage wouldn't have helped a thing, other than make me a more durable doormat.

    Maybe those two "queer guys" who are in their 70s now were on to something. Something we could all learn from.

  6. Hey Bob,

    I hear what you're saying and I agree with most of it. My wife is fully aware of my bi-side and we sometimes join others for 'play'. I am one lucky SOB. For those who, for whatever reason, haven't been open with their wives - I think sneaking around is probably better than not having M2M contact.

    1. You are , how many guys when making out with their wives think of another mans penis doing it?, but yet still only to heighten their sexual drive for their partner. Why is it OK for a woman to say that another woman has a beautiful body bit not OK for a guy to pay the same compliment to a guy ?

  7. i love frot it totally rocks did it with my buddy when i was a kid and just kept on goin :)

  8. It beautiful, non penetrive sex between two young guys, mutual"wanking", enjoying the beautiful smooth bodies, all sex of this kind is so natural and in time will be accepted as homosexuality is today, no labels, just do it guys and gals.

  9. love the feel of a cock rubbing mine

  10. I found the Man2Man Frot page quite by accident a year or so ago. Maybe from your own link. It helped me to understand my preferences as normal and that a physical male bonding is not gay or queer or other kind of adolescent chiding. Unfortunately today, there are too many insisting that touching another guy is somehow a queer activity. I no longer accept such attitudes.

    And guys are so much better playmates.

  11. This is one of the best articles about frot to date, I had frot with some friends years before i knew what it meant, we just did it thought nothing of it apart from the fact it really bonded our friendship and made us closer, those days were long gone and this really saddens me.

    I found the Man2Man Alliance's website when trying to relive this experience, whilst it gave me a search term to look for i was quickly put off by the attitude of the site and they seem to be instantly dismissing gay people for having anal sex, the very people i would of thought you would want to engage.

    I have found the number of guys that are into frot, such as guys i have found from frotfrat to be far and few between but the overwhelming thing about that is that they all are really into the sensual, respect and bonding side of frot where as it seems to be common in gay culture on the opposite.

    I think there is a bigger picture to sex than society allows, we put far too many barriers in the way we just think of it as procreation and love and something that you only do with one person whereas I think that it could bond and break down barriers.

    I think if more people engaged and respected each other and used frot as a vehicle for that a bit more then the world would be a better place, even if guys just hugged more it would help.

    Whilst i have no problem with people who want anal sex, i think too many people associate male bonding with anal sex that dont want it and as such are put off by any male bonding, by promoting frot as an idea to this i think we can overcome that problem.

    I do hope that excellent blogs and frot websites promote this more, and I just hope that in future frot is more mainstream we must keep it as wide as possible.

  12. It's funny how people get so angry at Bill Weintraub's anti-anal views, but in the same respect 1 out of 5 gay men are HIV+. They got it from anal sex. 1 out of 5 straight people are not HIV+.

    It's ironic that anal sex wasn't regularly practiced until the 1960's-70's, and look what happened: AIDS. I think that was some kind of sign indicating that's something men who love men shouldn't be doing; fecal matter and blood are not a good mix. And the feminization of the bottom is bizarre. His imitating female sexual behavior to a t.

    I wish people would get as angry at barebacking and barebacking porn as they do at Weintrabu, but that's not going to happen. Many gay men feel if you're gay, you're a top, bottom, or vers, and that's what you're supposed to do. I feel especially sorry for the young guys who are getting their sex ed from gay porn which is slowly going bare and will eventually be condom free. Even on this blog there are barebacking pics.

    Bill Weintraub lost his lover and 100's of gay friends to AIDS. He speaks from the heart. Anal sex is not about love or like. It's about a man physically abusing another man, and the bottom allowing it to happen without respect to the damage it's doing to his own body.

    As compared to hetero vaginal sex, it's certainly a bizarre way to treat your fellow man. And history over the past 30 years has shown that to be very true.

    1. Thanks for a great comment. You raise some very interesting points.

      I reluctantly got into anal sex. Always as a top. It was never my favorite activity.

      Posting pictures of unprotected anal sex has been something I struggle with. I try to post an equal or higher number of shots showing the use of protection.

      Going bare is not something I would recommend to anyone out side a relationship with someone you trust absolutely.

      Jack Scott

  13. I found your blog's messages to be both profound and intuitive. I shared a similar early life as you only my group varied in attendance and participants. I was told that I was not truly gay because I refused to be a bottom. As active as I was in the 80's, I think that is what saved me. I lost many friends to Aides over the years. They were all wild bottom types. I am glad I stumbled upon "frot" in a blog where the word was mentioned. I had enjoyed it many times but didn't know it had a name. I googled frot and found your enlightening blog. I am 78 and gay since I was 6. My man and I have been together many years and still love our sex life together. We both are monogamous. We consider ourselves very lucky. You and I will always be cyber friends. Your thinking and mine are in sync. Thanks for creating a much needed source of information. Johnny

    1. Johnny, I think it is important for a guy to be himself. If you think about what I say in my blogs in macro terms, that is the thing I usually am encouraging - just be yourself.

      The popularity of the Frot article had been utterly amazing to me. Tens of thousands have used the same link you identify to get to my blog the first time. They read Frot & Frottage and then branch out from there.

      I have found that thousands of guys were saved from the AIDs epidemic of the late 70's and 80's in various ways. Some, like you, did not want to take part in anal sex for one reason or the other. Some, like me, were still struggling with their sexuality at that time and not active.

      Whatever the reason we were saved, we all watched a number of our friends pass from this world at young ages. It was a epic tragedy.

      Jack Scott

    2. cock frot is hot. I just got into it about a year ago.

  14. Jack, thank you for this excellent and thoughtful blog. I found it while googling frottage (which I find most exciting), and have been reading it, along with others' comments, in bits and pieces over the past few days.

    My wife and I have been faithfully and happily married for decades. I have never strayed, in RL, though my bi side brings me to sites with chat and video. She is extremely straight, and would be very upset if she were to find out, so I hide it. I think it's best for both of us, and our marriage.

    I had a number of 'gay' experiences and relationships before I got married, but though I had moments of uncertainty, I am now certain I am bi, not gay; I think I knew it all along. I thought girls were sexy, and though male genitalia excite me, I don't have any desire to kiss a man (I had, in the past, and didn't really enjoy it).

    I have toyed with the idea of going out and having some real experiences - not relationships, just sex - but my high caution has kept me from following through. I've never done anal, and probably never will, but I would like to handle a real cock again, and vice-versa, and of course do some frot, if the conditions are right...

    Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks... Your blog, along with the comments of your readers, have given me lots to think about, and I look forward to going through past and future material!

  15. I couldn't agree more.... I grew up with a handful of mutual j/o buddies. And while I went almost totally hetero for most of my adult life, I always enjoyed the odd serendipitous encounter with a man. There is something so appealing (to me) about seeing another man's erect penis - the innate beauty (and appreciation) that you touch on. And to make him come is a joy. Now, I live an expat life in Asia, and while married, actively seek out m2m encounters. Luckily, anal has not really caught on here, so I'm able to enjoy the sight and feel of handling other cocks (the problem being that indeed Asians are generally smaller than Westerners, and I miss the superior sized ones - so if you're in Jakarta, let me know!). I have never been attracted to the idea of an emotional relationship with another man, but yes, to pair up (or triple!) with a friend to explore our maleness - yes.

  16. Oh, boy, I've always fantasized about meeting up in Jakarta with a guy named "Anonymous"! :)

    Seriously, thanks for your support, and for the invite, but of course we both know that'll probably never happen. (for me, the only thing scarier than meeting up with someone on my home turf is a random encounter in a foreign land, with the likelihood I'd never be seen again!)

    Only thing I don't share with you is the dislike of Asian cock because it's smaller... Au contaire, abnormally huge cocks are a bit of a turn-off for me, firstly because they are, duh, abnormal, but also because I like a cock closer to mine (6-7" long, 1" wide)and which, in addition, I can easily handle and take into my mouth without "deep-throating".

    Now, before the rest of you big-cocked guys jump all over me (not that I wouldn't like that) - I said 'abnormally'... I don't mind a big cock, and in fact that could be exciting... I'm just saying that, at the moment, I tend to gravitate more to the more 'normal' ones, which are decidedly "smaller" than those "normally" depicted in the media.

    Parting comment: If anyone wants to see how I look - be it "normal" or "small" or... whatever... look me up, under my name, on yuvutu. I'm still exploring this thing, so please be patient with me. =)

    1. Thanks for your comment CanadianBiGuy. Fantasies play a great part in our lives. My advice is just to enjoy your foreign play fantasies.

      I'm not sure what you meant about disagreeing about Asian cocks. My buddy is an absolutely awesome guy who has a great cock.

      Happy exploring.

      Jack Scott

  17. Hey, Jack

    It was "Anonymous" who said, and I quote, "indeed Asians are generally smaller than Westerners"

    I suppose, statistically, that could be true, but I have seen photo and video evidence that there are some impressive exceptions!

    In any case, I don't see it as a problem either way - while I have my preferences, it's not often I see a cock I don't like, and that doesn't cause a little stirring "down there"! :)

    1. Yes, no doubt about the generality. But I've had the good fortune to spend a lot of time in Asia and in Asian Bath Houses.

      There are some "significant" exceptions to the general size. Like you, I've rarely seen a penis I didn't like.

      Appreciate your comments.

      Jack Scott

    2. Mutual JO and Frottage are tremendous fun and have had a significant part in my sex life.

      I actually love anal and I particularly get a big high from satisfying another man by giving him a good fuck that leads to his cumming without either of us laying a hand on his cock. I came to bottoming late in life and it was a revelation when it finally happened.

      I have never looked on any sexual activity in a political light. For me, sexual relations are a partnership activity with two men ideally working to satisfy each other every bit as much as to achieve their own satisfaction. I don't think there is any "normal." Gay men make their own rules; great sex is anything that works for any couple, threesome, fourgy, etc. given the dynamic of the particular grouping. What makes the sex good is great men who know who they are and what they like agreeing to work with each other and take are of each other. Some of the best sex I've ever had has consisted of just holding each other and kissing deeply until time seemed to stop passing.

      I like this blog and how you write. I'll be back.

  18. Frottage is a very satisfying and intense release. I love the energy you can only have with another man through "frot." Yes, we need to get past silly ignorant hang-ups from the past. Just let that energy with another man happen. Even in San Francisco so many guys have hang-ups when it comes to this aspect of male sexuality.


  19. There is a higher form of frot that is rarely discussed: tantric frot.

    Tantric frot allows two men to be in an spiritual state where the mind and heart are continuously experiencing orgasmic-like conditions for literally hours, but the body does not ejaculate, but continues on and gains energy without releasing it with an ejaculation. The two men literally become full of energy that they have shared between their bodies, so much so that they actually radiate love and their bodies actually undergo emotional and physical healing.

    During tantric frot, ejaculation and orgasm are not the intended end state, but rather sharing sexual energy and love between the partners and truly getting to know each other in a spiritual way. Men may actually cross into such a state without realizing that is what is happening, but there are conscious and practical ways of entering into tantric frot state.

    Am actually a Christian, not an eastern ascetic.

    1. I loved everything you said........ it all feels good

    2. Steve, thanks for a great comment. Over the years I have experimented with tantric sex in several ways. Tantric massage is a wonderful thing which I enjoyed greatly. Unfortunately, with the onset of my cancer, the Doc said no more massages.

      I never was able to enter a tantric state with a male partner, but did several times with my wife. It is a surreal state that is almost indescribable. I wish I had known your technique for entering into a tantric state at will.

      Perhaps you'd consider writing a guest article for my readers on the whole technique.

      Best wishes.

      Jack Scott

  20. who cares what the Bible says

    1. Actually a great number of people. About 80% of Americans consider themselves to be believers. For this segment of society sexuality must often be reconciled with religion.

      Even for non religious people, the Bible often offers clear commentary and advice on problems that are still relevant in today's world.


  21. I love frot cocks grinding when I do it it's always in a threesome and I squeeze all of our cocks together

    1. Yeh let's do it Ive got a huge hard on cock to cock let's get frotting

  22. I truly have penis envy now!

  23. When I was a Human Sexual Studies Student at San Francisco State in the early 1980's, I remember learning the word "frottage" as a term for what two lesbians do when rubbing their pubic area against one another.

  24. When I was younger, I had several friends with whom I enjoyed frot. We did not have a term for it, but we loved to nakedly excite and ejaculate together in this manner. We did this for years. Although I am not Gay, I miss this, and wish that I could find a guy friend for some frot pleasure and fun.

  25. When I was about 10 I began frotting with a friend. We called it rubbing and would lay on each other with our undies pulled down. I always had a dry orgasm. Great memories. Still gets me hard.


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