Below are just a few of the resources for bisexual men to be found on the internet. In addition to these resource sites, which appear to be objective and non judgmental, there are thousands of religious resources on the internet which are subjective and very judgmental. Be careful to whom you listen and to whom you turn for  help. While not always the case, religious based internet groups offering counseling and help to bisexuals are usually fundamental religious zealots who have a personal agenda that has little or nothing to do with God.

Bisexual Resource Center

Bisexuality 101 -

Bridge Builders International
Consulting, training and coaching for gay and bi men

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Gay and Bisexual Men's Health)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Podcasts (Gay and Bisexual Men's Health) -

Gay Christian Network

The Rainbow Project -

Married Gay

The Straight Spouse Network
Individual and confidential support for heterosexual spouses of gay or bi men


Wikihow: How to date a bisexual person -

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