About This Blog

Bisexuality, like anything else that is a part of the human condition, is a complex topic. Researchers, themselves, are still struggling to understand it. Others don't want to  understand it because they take the position that it simply doesn't exist.

Most of those who take the view bisexuality does not exist are associated with the Radical Fundamental Christian Right, but others are Radical Homosexuals. Politics, religion and human sexuality do indeed make strange bedfellows.

While bisexuals can be male or female and while bisexuality can take many forms, this blog is aimed at male bisexuals who are married men. It is also aimed at married homosexual men who have honestly though mistakenly labeled themselves as heterosexual or bisexual men in a conscious or subconscious attempt to deny their true bisexual nature.

There is no question bisexuality places certain ethical questions in the mind of any principled bisexual man; but then again, it is also true that heterosexuality places certain ethical questions in the mind of any heterosexual man of principle. Heterosexual men come up with various answers to the ethical questions before them. So too do bisexual men.

This blog does not exist to tell any man what he should do about the ethical questions posed by his bisexuality. He must answer those questions for himself. The blog does exist to help him consider all aspects of his bisexuality including the ethical questions.

Because this blog is aimed at married bisexual men, it assumes that almost every man who reads this blog is  half of a marriage partnership. Bisexuality certainly poses challenges to any marriage and to both of the marriage partners. While at times this blog will acknowledge the challenges faced by the woman who is knowingly or unknowingly married to a bisexual man, the blog exists primarily to examine the challenges he faces.

There is a general assumption behind every post to this blog that the bisexual men who will be reading the blog are not only married men; but men who truly value their marriages, love their wives, love their families and want their bisexuality to have as little impact on their marriages as possible.

There are no magic words or universal answers in this blog to the dilemma of bisexuality. There is much here to provoke your thinking concerning  your own bisexuality.

Anyone can comment on what I write in this blog. Regretfully, the recent amount of spam in my email account as required that I reinstate the word verification process for comments which I personally hate.

But at the same time I have loosened the comment moderation process so that those of you who have a Google Blogger ID or other recognized blogger ID will no longer need to wait for your comment to be moderated. I'm hoping this will tempt you to take the trouble to comment.

The truth is I want respectful comments both from those who agree with me and those who do not. All I as is that you keep comments to the point, clean and non-threatenting.

I look forward to hearing from each of you.

Jack Scott