Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Thankful Thanksgiving

Whether we are Christian, a member of the many other religious sects that are now represented in America or have no religious faith at all; Thanksgiving is a holiday that should be celebrated and venerated by all.

We live in a country facing many difficulties and hardships within a world that is dealing with chaos, war, economic breakdown, hunger and even human slavery. But this one day of the year is set aside to be thankful for the good things that are also a part of our lives.

We are fortunate here in America because no matter what our status may be, the good things always outnumber the bad things in an American's life. If one does not believe that, then he has not dispassionately counted his blessings.

On this Thanksgiving day, I urge each and everyone to concentrate on his blessings. As a Christian, I'll be giving thanks to God from whom I believe all blessing flow. But even non religious Americans should be thankful they live in a country which, in spite of its faults, provides unmeasured blessings to all its citizens.

As gay and bisexual married men, we have challenges in our lives that others do not have. We should all keep in mind that others have challenges we don't have, so it evens out in the end. If nothing else we should be thankful that we do not live in one of the countries where being gay would mean a death sentence.

Take a moment on this day to count your blessings. Name them or write them down one by one. You may be surprised how many there are.

The Holiday Season which begins today is the season of thankfulness, peace and renewal. Amidst all the commercialism that is now apart of the Holiday Season, don't forget to be thankful. Let peace in the world begin with you. Take advantage of the coming New Year to renew your hope and affirm you willingness to start anew in tackling the issues in your life that you would like to change.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Jack Scott


  1. I want to tell you, my readers, what I am thankful for.

    It was just one year ago that I was told my cancer had metastasized. It was devastating news to me. I had retired thinking I had a long life ahead of me to enjoy all the things I wanted to do.

    The news that the cancer had spread into my spine and vital organs changed all those hopes and dreams in an instant.

    But still the blessings in my life outweigh the burdens. I'm thankful for the last year. I traveled to Europe in the Summer. I'll be traveling to Asia in February and back to Europe in the Summer of 2013, God willing.

    For the most part I feel good. I can do what I've always done, just at a slower pace.

    I don't have decades in front of me like I thought I would, but I have the means and the will to enjoy each of the days I have left and that is what I am doing. I'm thankful for all of that.

    Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness." I have a choice. I can curse the cancer that changed all my plans or I can light a candle and make the most of reality. I've chosen to light my little candle.

    I hope each of you will do the same in your own lives.

    Jack Scott

  2. May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving day, Jack. I have enjoyed your blog over the last year, read many stories in your archives and look forward to your posts and pictures.
    The message center is great in knowing that there is so many of us (married and single) in the world. For many of us "late bloomers" your blog presents a haven for us to come to an understanding of ourseves as Bi and Gay men trapped in a hetero society. Dave

  3. God's Blessings to you and yours Jack. Your being here has in ways uncountable helped me during this past year.

    I send you love from the source of boundless love.

    Happy Thanksgiving this year and with God's Grace many years to come.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Jack, for this year and with God's Grace many more to come.

    I thank God daily for sending me to you and thank you for all the good you presence has made in my life.

  5. Jack,
    You just have no idea how much of an impact you have had on so many lives. I can't believe how timely your posts end up being. This was definitely a much needed kick in the ass for me. I have so much to be thankful for in my family and especially my loving wife who continues to stand by me, knowing what she knows, and me knowing her beliefs and upbringing, yet I have spent so much time recently wallowing in self pity and regrets.
    Thank you so much for your posts and for your recent email help for myself and my wife.
    Keep it up, big guy.


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