Friday, November 25, 2011

Favicon Curse

I hope you've noticed my Favicon. It's such a small thing, literally small; but getting it made and published as a part of Blogger was a big pain in the ass.

For those of you who are not bloggers yourself; but just read those of us who do blog, consider yourselves lucky to be free of the curse of being a blogger. Not only do you have to think of things to write and then get them written in some way that half way communicates what you wanted to say, you have to do this on some web site such a Blogger that is a wonderful tool and well worth much more than what we pay for it, which is nothing. But while its a great program its filled with bugs that they don't pay much attention too. Sometimes even after they admit to a bug it will take them a year or more to fix it.

Much of this is not Bloggers fault. Writing a program is complicated work indeed. Not only do you have to build it, you must build it so that it works with PC's and with Mac's. Not an easy task. And then you have to also build it so that it works with Internet Explorer and Safari and FireFox and who knows how many other browsers.

Sometimes something will work with one browser but not with others. Such is the case with the lowly Favicon. When I added mine it worked immediately on FireFox but was no where to be seen on Safari. It took me  hours and hours and some tips I Googled on line to realize that it was showing up on other people's Safari, just not mine.

So much for stress free blogging. The main purpose of the Favicon is so that when you see my blog in some other bloggers blog roll, you'll immediately catch site of the blue "J" and the red "S" and know you're looking at the URL to Jack Scott's  Jblog. I think it was worth all the effort.

So many people that blog are so kind and helpful. Thanks to my friends and fellow bloggers, my picture blog is going to pass the 50,000 visitor mark sometime this weekend after only 5 months in existence. Visitors went from 3,000 in September to 21,000 in October after Artistry of Male, Dean at Guys Like Me and other friendly and helpful bloggers added my blog to their blog rolls. I'm thankful to all of them and I have added all the blogs these guys do to my own blog roll.

I am glad I blog about bisexual men. At least I get to include hot pictures in my blogs. That is a definite stress reliever. Well, it relieves some stress and creates other, I should say. But that's a good thing.

Thanks for all your support of my blogs. If you have not done so, I hope you become a member and a follower.

Jack Scott


  1. Thanks for a nice little write up of your blogging experience. I have not quite seized on the difference between being a follower and being a member. Though I see I am both on this site. The first pic has a nice classical look the second one feeds my jeans fetish!

  2. Favicon! Actually--it's well named. I did notice it a few days ago, but I assumed that it was just an automatic update that Blogger installs. [That goes to show how little I know about this stuff…]

    So thanks Jack for your effort with this, frustrating as it may be. It does help us, and I for one appreciate it.

  3. naked and beautiful guys and girls too i love em all, but nudity is really only for the young and beautiful NOT the old so show it at its best only.


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