Sunday, October 2, 2011

Where Does One Draw The Line?

I spend a lot of time talking about the fact that human sexuality and in particular, male sexuality, is a complex and varied thing.

I honestly believe bisexuality and homosexuality are just two aspects of normal human sexual expression.  I'm happy society is becoming more and more tolerant. 

But with all that said, I admit sometimes I do wonder, where does one draw the line? I mean, I know where I draw it; but how do we collectively draw it? I mean, I'm a moderate Republican and I know I wouldn't be happy with too many lines drawn by my fellow Republicans who are on the conservative side of the party. Even I think some of those people are nuts.

Of course, I think radicals, wherever they appear, are nuts. So there are plenty of Democrats who are much to radical for me. I'm not a fan of Michael Savage; but sometimes, I think he's on to something when he says liberalism is a mental disorder. But I think radicalism is the real mental disorder.

Today on another blog, I follow, there were some pointers for safer fisting! I mean, isn't that like posting rules for safer do it yourself home appendectomies? Who in their right mind would allow some guy to shove his fist up their butt clear to his elbow or even past it? Can anyone contend this is just another aspect of normal human sexual expression? I have to admit, in my opinion, the answer is NO.

There is no way that kind of thing can be good for your butt hole, much less your colon health. There just isn't. To me, fisting crosses the line. In fact it leaves the line so far back in the dust that its out of sight. Fisting is so radical, to me, I'm not even sure its sexual. Its just some sort masochistic thing. 

Just my opinion. I've got to say the topic gives new meaning to the old saying, "Opinions are like ass holes. Everyone's got em." Yeah but some of us sure don't take very good care of our ass holes.

Jack Scott


  1. Well, I am gay and the asshole is off my radar. I am not interested in anal sex, rimming, etc. The idea of fisting just scares me.

    I consider myself a moderate Democrat. Unfortunately, in the media it seems that ALL Republicans are right wing ultra-conservatives (tea party) which have caused the current gridlock in Washington. Why don't I hear from moderate Republicans that want to compromise with the Democrats and do positive work for the country? Obama reaches out to them over and over (such as the recent jobs program, or raising revenue for the deficit by cancelling tax cuts for the rich), and they block him repeatedly even though more than 50% of the country is crying out for these changes. It would appear that all Republicans are resisting progressive legislation, when the moderate Republicans don't speak out and stop the tea party radicals.

  2. I agree with where you draw the line on sexual activity Jack.

  3. @Uncutplus: Unfortunately, in the media it seems that ALL Republicans are right wing ultra-conservatives (tea party) which have caused the current gridlock in Washington.

    I think you answered your own question. There is this perception that ALL Republicans are the way the media portrays the most radical ones.

    The other part of it is that it isn't compromise when only one side goes toward the other.

    I'm not a tea party guy but I don't buy the media line that they are a bunch of racist radicals. Consider just as an experiment, look into some of the Republican talking points directly from the Republican side, not through the spin or filter of progressive/liberal websites. It might be shocking just how much you have in common with those ideas when they aren't presented by an opponent.

    @the idea of fisting: Ouch and gross!

  4. Fisting surely must be a "fringe" activity. I'd never do it in a million years.

  5. This is a subject matter, along with others, that is so detrimental to the gay image that it just shouldn't be tolerated. It projects us as perverted, sex crazed, fetish driven maniacs; and yet it's something that gets discarded as extreme. Something only a select few are in to; a joke within the gay male community. It's an embarrassment that no one wants to address, because--" one really does that."

    The entire "anal venue" is one that is constantly portrayed in gay porn as a standard "norm". Again, this is very misleading to the straight community, and it does nothing but put a negative image on gay men in general. I'm so tired of having to explain that NOT ALL OF US DO THAT!

    I'm gay and I'm all for the gay cause, but honestly, there are times I am totally disgusted with it. It's time to smarten up guys!

  6. Jack (and anyone else for that matter) I have a book for you. It is A Billion Wicked Thoughts: What the World's Largest Experiment Reveals about Human Desire

    The authors use web searches as a database to track the sexual fancies of people. It is pretty interesting reading, although they pretty much ignore bisexuality. The point is that the world is FULL of interesting, unusual, and even very specific fetishes. Even if they aren't your cup of tea it shows how diverse we all are on what gets our juices flowing.


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