Friday, February 3, 2012

All Time Most Read Posting

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that I don't post on a regular basis. I kind of post when I have something to say and keep quiet when I don't.

In the two years or so this blog has existed I have posted 61 blog letters. I'm never quite sure what the reaction will be to what I post. Some posts get lots of attention and provoke lots of comments. Some bomb and provoke no interest at all. It's pretty much a mystery to me what makes the difference.

The post that has been read by the most people is one I wrote entitled "Frot and Frottage." That post has been read more than all other posts put together. I guess that is fitting for a blog entitled "BisexualBuddies."

It also tells me that my personal theory that most men are at least bisexual curious is probably on target.

The tragedy is that we as a society, at least in certain sections of society, have become so reactionary towards a perceived threat by homosexuals and bisexuals that even some guys who are not homosexuals begin to perceive themselves as such.

I think that is why the blog on Frot and Frottage is read so frequently. The blog piece points out that the desire for sexual play between men is absolutely a normal thing and that even a guy who enjoys Frot is often essentially a straight guy in every other aspect of his life.

I greatly appreciate those of you who follow this blog. I appreciate hear from you too. Thank you for your support.

Jack Scott


  1. Hi Jack, I guess I'll be the first to respond. When Frot and Frottage was posted, it's about the time when I first discovered this blog. [I know, I know--it seems much longer than that being the pest that I am, but what can I say? I tend to be long winded too, I guess... But it's only been that long that I've been dropping in here.] This is far better than anything on TV...

    Sometimes, I think you could make two or three posts from some of your original single posts. Why not consider stopping at a certain point and posing a question at the end? Then when you're up to it, you can continue on later in the week with whatever else you wanted to add. I think this would enable people to comment easier, with a little more focus. [There wouldn't be so much at one time to answer or comment to.] You cover so much at times, that it becomes difficult to respond. I think many wonder, "Where and how do I begin to respond?"

    On the other hand, it's so refreshing to hear intelligent conversation about any of this. It's often complicated, and to express any of it takes a lot of time, thought, patience, editing, AND courage. For all those things, I thank you. I think I also appreciate a more mature approach; it helps me feel somewhat more at home. Brotherly, avuncular--closest sisters? Whatever it is, there's a bond and understanding that seems to work.

    I enjoy photo blogs as well, and I follow a good number of them including yours. Thanks to them all, I must have the most diverse screen saver anyone could want. But after awhile, what more can you comment on with photos? With all the ravenous comments that are often posted already, it almost seems silly to continue on and post more. So as much as I enjoy the photo blogs, and as much as I'm pissed when they stop, it's the interaction of meaningful conversation I would miss the most. It's only here, and a few other places where any of us can find that.

    Thank you Jack for all you do, and all that you share. I know others feel the same way. Why not consider posting a bit less consistently? To get something in daily or even 5 days a week takes a lot of time and thought. I hate to see you burn out, as it seems to have happened with others. Have a great weekend! Write on, and I'll read you soon!

  2. Wait a minute, I'm not done yet!

    Another thing! You never indulge in self pity! I like that too! For want of a better way to say it, I get the sense that you've worn your big boy pants for quite awhile now which is very much the required uniform if you're going to play this game. So you get some points for that too!

    1. As always, I was glad to read your comments Bob. I'm happy to learn that I keep you somewhat better entertained that TV. (I think that was meant as a compliment ).

      Ok, you and Two Lives have laid down a challenge, and of course I know you're right; so we'll try it as the two of you suggest and see how it works. Couldn't hurt. Might help.

      Since the two of you have been so honest with me; and I do really appreciate honest criticism, I'll let you in on a secret that will explain everything to you.

      You may have already guessed. I usually write in a stream of consciousness manner. I can't think of what I want to say. I have to be at the keyboard just typing it out as it comes to me. Once I get it down on the screen, I go back and edit it some, but the steam of consciousness style is kind of difficult to edit out and that is what you and Two Lives are seeing and rightly objecting to.

      There's no way I can get something posted every day. Just not my style. But I'll try to break it up some and see how it goes. You and Two Lives and any of the others out there that care to have got to keep talking and letting me know how I'm doing.

      As far as self pity, trust me, I wallow in it at times; but try to never do it publicly. My cancer is now very well advanced. It's clear it's more than likely going to kill me at some point. My Doctor thinks he can get me a few more good years lined out for me.

      He can't understand why I'm in so little pain. I understand it. I don't concentrate on the pain. I'm determined to live my life as normally as I can. Then too, there are the prayers of all my friends. They help.

      As you say I've been pretty well wearing my big boy pants for awhile now. When you were raised by a father like mine, You didn't survive without your big boy pants on at an early age.

      Thanks Bob, I appreciate you greatly.

      Jack Scott

    2. Hang in there you ol' dawg. I think of you often.

  3. Yeah hang in there buddy, sex SEX SeX sEXX,, which ever way you write it or think about it, it is like all things else it can be good or evil, but we are conditioned to think good feelings are wrong THEY ARE NOT......... I would much rather see two guys or gals giving each other wonderful pleasure than knocking the hell out of each other. Of course we protect the very young from all perversions(and there are some) but in doing it we sometimes twist it all up for them too. God made us, he gave us our bodies they ARE beautiful, not something to be hiding , a beautiful naked guy or girl is a joy to behold there is no intrinsic evil there , but on a lighter note I DO think that nudity is only for those who have that beauty, OH DARE I SAY THIS, well I am gonna "When everything starts to go south we look better clothed " Good luck and God Bless you.... and us all.


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