Thursday, September 8, 2011

Biblical Quotes from "West Wing"

You know, sometimes I really don't know how I got so screwed up! I mean, really, my life is a boiling cauldron of conflicting ideas, ideals, theories, beliefs, convictions and concepts.

I'm a bisexual married man living in a straight world. I'm highly educated; yet, I am a man of faith. I'm a liberal Christian in a world that doesn't know there are anything but radical Christian fundamentalists. I'm a moderate Republican in a time when right wing Republicans hate moderate Republicans worse than they hate Obama. I'm a man who hates the idea that I might be responsible for causing someone to take a wrong turn in life who is blogging to married bisexual men for whom the wrong path in life all to often seems the only path there is.

My life is truly as mess. But, its my life and since I've reached the autumn, if not the winter, of my life I guess I'm pretty well stuck with it. I can honestly say, it hasn't been a boring life. If anything, its passed all to quickly.

At this point my goals are rather simple if somewhat difficult to achieve. I simply hope to help those coming along behind me to overcome some of the adversities with less pain than I incurred when I encountered them.

I'm a Christian. A liberal Christian to be sure; but, nevertheless,  a Christian. To those of you that don't know what a liberal Christian is, its a Christian who believes that most of Christianity (as well as all other organized religions) are mostly just crap.  Liberal Christians understand, as most people don't, that religion has nothing whatsoever to do with God. Religion is all about men and power.

Liberal Christians also understand that the Bible is not the literal word of God and it was not handed down to man directly from the hand of God. At most, the Bible is a good and sufficient guide to faith.  It's not a science book. It's not a secret code to the future. It's an old and correctly venerated book which tells about the relationship of the Jewish people with their God and which also sets forth the Gospel of Christ which after more than 2000 years of supposed study, most Christians have not the slightest hint of what that Gospel is trying to impart to us.

Now, the problem with religion of any kind is that people try to use it to force their own personal views concerning what people should be doing and how they should behave onto others. And most religions sooner or later get around to thinking if you're not doing it their way your doomed to eternal punishment.

In the case of fundamental Christians, they use the Bible to back them up on whatever their opinion might be as to the truth about what's good and what's not. One big huge problem with this is they only use the part that suits them. They kind of ignore the rest.

But that part that suits them, they use it religiously (pun intended) to beat people they don't like about the head and shoulders as much as they can. One group of people fundamental Christians like to beat about the head and shoulders as much as they can are people that are NOT heterosexuals. And they have down pat parts of the Bible that they use as a BIG stick. They kind of ignore other parts though.

This You Tube video was recently posted on another blog. It is so good that I couldn't resist reposting it to my blog because it says more eloquently than I ever could everything anyone needs to know about religion.

Keep in mind it doesn't say anything about true faith and it certainly says nothing about the Grace of God. But then fundamental Christians don't have much to say about the Grace of God either. They're too busy talking about the wrath of God.

Hope you enjoy the video.

If your a bisexual guy who is having a problem reconciling his religious beliefs to his sexuality, please understand that you need to talk to a liberal Christian and not a fundamental Christian. A liberal Christian will be happy to explain the Grace of God to you in detail. I think you'll find it "good news."

Jack Scott


  1. That's one of my favorite episodes of The West Wing, and I've seen them all!

    Jack, don't worry about steering us down the wrong path. If you only speak from your heart what you know to be true, the rest will sort itself out.

  2. Both the video and the post are well said, and I thank you for both.

    The thing that bothers me, is that your view on organized religion is nothing new, yet people still feed in to following their church, insisting that it's right. Now more than ever, religion seems to have caught a new hold on people. I don't get it.

    I've been a proud agnostic for a long time, although I do believe there's a higher power somewhere. When people keep their religious views to themselves, I appreciate it immensely.

    I also believe in the Golden Rule; that I'm a good person. I work hard, and try to be as generous and giving as I can. I sense that people like me, although I am gay, and people eventually realize that. Sometimes that changes things, other times it doesn't.

    Maybe an easier way to put it is, "The best culture is a non-culture." Everyone is so hung up on their culture, religion, heritage and identity that it's driving us all apart. To unify under a blanket religion is not the answer, nor is insisting upon an acquired religion.

    There's a new book called GOD, NO written by [of all people] Penn Jillette. Although I always thought this guy was a jerk, he has some surprising things to say, and I have a new found respect for him.

    I do know this. I don't think God cares about how I achieve orgasms, provided it's between consenting adults.

  3. Jack and Bob,
    I would love to sit down in your presence and have a discussion with you, as I totally agree with both of you. The West Wing video was great. I've gone from a moderate Methodist christian, to a liberal christian, and now could probably best be described as a secular humanist, who believes that the only rule we need is the Golden Rule. I come to the point now that I think that religion is the problem and is evil, and has been for many centuries (crusades, Spanish inquisition, catholic vs protestant war in Ireland, etc. etc.).

    Yes, where is Reason? Do people no longer think for themselves, but just follow misguided leaders like a pack? I had begun to believe that the younger generations would be progressive and that enlightenment would follow, but now I am not so sure. After Obama was elected, I though the future would be bright; now the fundamentalist right wingers in and out of Congress have thwarted him and our country's future. I would pray to God, but I am no longer positive that he exists.

    I've spent 68 years on this earth and feel that I am wiser, but doubtful about Earth's and humanity's future.

  4. By labeling conservative Christians as fundamentalists, isn't the spiritual insight and wisdom they have being unequivocally rejected? The most recently blog post actually requested that more viewpoints need to be expressed and discussed that ran counter to conventional wisdom. Yet in this blog post, you are painting the entire conservative Christian community as incapable of understanding your view, but I would argue that there is far more misunderstanding of them. There is a higher way for everyone.
    There will come a day when conservative/orthodox Christians that have a spiritually developed sense will be the true liberators of bisexuals and gay people, and when Christianity will embrace bisexuals and gays as blessed and supernatually gifted people. In contrast, the liberal Christians mostly view gays and bisexuals as victims - rather as victors - that have no special significance with regards to spiritual gifts.
    The difference between conservative Christianity and liberal Christianity is that much of conservative Christianity believes that there exists spiritual power that is active in this world and will someday again be plainly manifested. Meanwhile liberal Christianity believes that God is merely observing us from a distance and that most of the Bible is fundamentally a myth that maybe has some philosophical insight.
    To liberal Christians, the idea that one can intimately know the Father or Christ is impossible, that Christians can perform miracles or bring healing is a myth (never mind that Jesus did them), that the virgin birth never really occurred, the crucifixion/resurrection and ascension are not believable, and that the world will coming to an end with Christ's return is laughable. But every single one of these liberal beliefs undermine the very scriptural foundations of Christianity and lead to secularism. If liberal Christians are correct, then Christianity and the Bible are full of contradictions, that God's power and the power of the HOly Spirt can not manifest themselves, and therefore Christianity is a hoax.

  5. The main issue that conservative Christianity falls short is in understanding the holiness, spirituality, and power of human sexuality. Entire books of the Bible were written about how men and women not only dedicated their hearts to God the Father, but also their sexuality (the Books of Ruth and Esther were entirely dedicated to showing that using one's sexuality as part of their faith walk, was an incredibly powerful way of changing the course of human history. Ruth and Esther followed the sexual precepts of the Law and became sexually fulfilled, as well as saving nations. Same with Tara when she pretended to be a prostitute and seduced here father-in-law to gain her rightful as sexual partner/husband according to the Law.) David, himself dedicated himself in worship to God, by dancing naked and whipping his cock around so that it got erect and offering his entire body and all facets of his existence as a form of sacrifice and dedication. With Jesus, every profound sacramental act was done in the nude with incredible sexual overtones: his birth where Mary's hymen was broken (blood of his virginal mother washed over Jesus' baby body, foreshadowing Jesus' life), the circumcision of Jesus was the culminations of all the promise of all the previous circumcisions in Hebrew History, the Baptism of Jesus was done with Jesus nude and erect in water, the crucifixion of Jesus was done nude, and erect, with blood flowing from the cross (Roman's used crucifixion not only because of the pain and suffering, but also it caused maximum embarrassment because crucifixion also caused involuntary erections among men and maximum public humiliation), the resurrection of Jesus resulted in Jesus being nude and full of life and aroused just as men are often aroused when awakened , the Ascension of Jesus occurred in the nude (just like the ascensions for Elijah and Enoch). Conservative Christianity at this time rejects sexuality as a key part of faith, and thereby committing the same transgression as Adam and Eve.
    (continued -2) The Bible is an incredibly homoerotic book - written especially to a male audience that has a much more treacherous sexual path to understand than women (the Bible more than implies that all men are at least bisexual to some degree) - to show the incredible emotional, physical, intellectual, and even sexual love the Father and His Son have for men and women.

  6. (continued 3) In Jesus' day, there were three major sects of Jewish people: Essenes, Pharisees, and Sadducees.
    Jesus never even bothered to confront the Sadducees, because they didn't believe in the spiritual reality of the world and only really believed in the natural law. Jesus really only bothered to confront those who could comprehend the supernatual condition of the world - the Pharisees and Essenes. The Sadducees are most like the Liberal Christians today - clueless spiritually.
    Jesus confronted the Pharisees - who slavishly attempted to fulfill the law themselves but could not - because the Pharisees actually had a reasonable insight about spiritual principles and spiritual reality. What Pharisees could not comprehend was the sexual nature of their spirituality, which would have made their spirituality even more powerful. Sexuality to most people - even the Pharisees - was too private and too personal to dedicate to God. That's the exact sin that the Adam and Eve committed in the Garden: covering their sexuality from God and withholding that part of their existence from Him.
    Essenes were the most mysterious, and it is believed that John the Baptist was actually part of this group and that some of Jesus' disciples also were part of this group. Since Essenes were mostly men and actually were naked with each other much of the time, they sound vaguely familiar in desires to certain groups today. Yet those same groups today largely reject Christianity.
    If one really studies the Scriptures with an eye open to its subtle sexuality, it is practically unmistakable that all Old Testament prophets were either bisexual or homoemotional. Yet those prophets still lived a Holy Life (embraced other men nude, but did not participate in anal or oral sex with either gender, but still had a vibrant and powerful sexuality that included intimate fellowship). The Old Testament and New Testatment encourage men to love one another in very intimate ways (greeting each other with a kiss, revealing their penis's to each other as a sign of faith and trust): it's the perfect spiritual faith for bisexual men. Yet modern bisexual men often reject spiritual Christianity as a path, when in truth bisexual desired men are given the choice of an incredibly powerful and miraculous spiritual destiny if they so chose seek it.
    Without question, what is written here is controversial, mainly because so few have heard the arguments presented.
    Now, in this point in history, the conservative Christians are rejecting certain scriptures. When spiritual/conservative Christians finally embrace these scriptures, the Christian Church will again became a place of miracles, just like for the 200 years after the Ascension.

    1 Corinthians 7
    “It is good for a man not to have sexual relations with a woman.
    Revelation 14:4 These are those who did not defile themselves with women, for they kept themselves pure. They follow the Lamb wherever he goes. They were purchased from among men and offered as firstfruits to God and the Lamb.
    I would hope that these comments would invite open-minded comment and not derision.

    Thank you!


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